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Apr 1, 2016 — by: P. Henry
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Donnie Boyd, Contradict, VagueAbout two weeks ago, voters in Klamath County received a well designed postcard from Donnie Boyd’s campaign. While Donnie sports a nice smile and slogan on the front, the back is where we find the meat  — what Donnie will do if elected. Let’s just say, his ideas are vague at best and some even contradicting.

Donnie Promises:

  • Economic Growth and Recovery
  • Efficient Government
  • Public Safety
  • Water Solutions
  • Education

These all sound great on the surface. Who isn’t for these types of things? However the problem arises when you think how he plans to accomplish these promises as Klamath County Commissioner. Donnie says he will use his business experience to lure new businesses into the basin, but his third point promises to raise taxes for public safety. How in the world does Donnie plan to raise the cost of doing business locally and at the same time lure new businesses to the area?

His second point about making government efficient sounds nice, but by its very nature, government is inefficient. He claims he can make City and County governments work together better. Really? How will Donnie change the way Klamath Falls City Government runs especially when most on the City Council started serving back in the stone age? The fact is the City Council will not relinquish any power or control to County government, and neither will the County to the City. This bullet point on Donnie’s postcard is just silliness on parade, but it sure sounds good.

Donnie’s cry to properly fund public safety is really an effort to raise taxes in disguise. As mentioned before on this blog, the problem with public safety is not because there is not enough money allocated towards it, but instead the out of control costs. In 2004, the Sheriff’s budget was roughly $4 million. Today it is $10 million. Graph that on a piece of paper and you will quickly realize the County will go broke at this pace. Again, to be clear, revenue is not the problem, costs are.

Boyd’s “Water Solutions” includes eliminating the basin’s most abundant and affordable power source — removing the Klamath River Dams. While farmers might get a special deal on power, and other a guarantee on income in low water years (that's called socialism by the way), the people stuck with funding this special interest solution are the rate payer and tax payers. This is exactly the opposite of what we need.

Finally Education. Supporting Klamath Promise sure sounds nice. However, the problem with our K-12 public education isn’t we do not have enough people cheering students on, but that the system itself is broken. Adding one more cheerleader as County Commissioner will not help. Monopolies never disappoint. They are certain to produce two things: a mediocre product at the highest possible cost. If we want to really make education work in Klamath County, we need to introduce the idea of good, old-fashioned, American competition into our local education system. Then and only then will students, teachers and parents benefit from a system that generates the best innovative solutions at the most affordable prices.

So beware. Don’t believe the hype. Boyd sounds good, but his solutions are more of the same — failed liberal ideas, this time found on a nicely designed postcard.


  1. Ryan L. Miller ~ Apr. 4, 2016 @ 3:31 pm

    The cost of doing business will always be high as long as law enforcement is under-funded. Instead of cutting a check to the county, you're letting thieves and vandals exact payment on their own unpredictable, violent, drug-fueled terms. Not to mention what the drug problems does to a viable workforce in town if left unchallenged. How does raising taxes for adequate policing seem a step too far in that light? #
  2. P. Henry ~ Apr. 5, 2016 @ 1:54 pm

    Since 2004 (that's just 12 years) the price for the sheriff’s budget has increased 250%. In that same time Klamath County’s population hasn't increased 250%. Crime hasn't increased 250%. At some point we have to stop looking at the revenue side of the ledger as the problem and look at what is driving the cost curve straight to county bankruptcy. It’s the costs that are killing us, not the fact there isn’t enough revenue. #
  3. Ryan L. Miller ~ Apr. 5, 2016 @ 3:05 pm

    Are you talking strictly about increases in the budget, or increases in expenses paid from county tax revenue? Because the two are different. Funding from loans or grant programs are included in the sheriff's budget and would increase overall expenses but do not affect revenue paid directly from county income. For example, if they got a $1.5 million grant for additional patrol deputies, their budget would go up by $1.5 million, but expenses from tax revenue would not. And is that a 250% increase comparing 2004 to 2015, or is this an average based on other metrics? And are you focusing on a specific area of the sheriff's office in those numbers, or does it include things like administration, the jail, fixed costs shared by the county and other numbers? And considering the amount of funding the county has lost from timber and PILOT revenue, it would not be that surprising if they ended up spending 250% more on law enforcement from other funding sources than they did 12 years ago, but that would not necessarily be a 250% increase in the sheriff's office budget. #
  4. Finnious T Fogbottom ~ Apr. 5, 2016 @ 7:07 pm

    If a modern day version of Rip Van Winkle was to fall asleep in 1996 then awaken in the Klamath in 2016 he too would be overwhelmed by the changes. One wouldn’t have to be the sharpest pencil in the cup to see that far more has been lost than gained over the course of twenty years. Still, some would ridicule, Diablos and Saul Alinsky him relentlessly for not being able to comprehend the value of all of the “progress” made locally and in the world in general. What he would unavoidably and inescapably see by vivid contrast is that the days of rural peace and prosperity in our own Sleepy Hollow had utterly vanished. It would be hard indeed to even fathom how in the world radical anarchic misfits were able to get away with forcing vast and demeaning negative changes upon our civil, property, water etc. rights. Groups whose power now seems to usurp local, regional state and congressional electoral government. Unelected governance by the creepels (and no longer government by the people)would now seem to be in the process of test driving the new order which it has been so busy constructing. It is of course the process by which they fully aim to rule over our land. These things along with the KBRA etc. may cause him to hurriedly look anew at 1 Thessalonians 5:3, “Now when they are saying, "There is peace and security," then sudden destruction comes on them, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will surely not escape.” Maoist water incursions aside, he would also likely be aghast by the moral and ethical malaise and decline. He might say, “marijuana legal?” He might not be able to fully grasp (as if anyone can) how it came to be that disastrous public debt continues to rampantly escalate, while creeples work tirelessly to defeat our ability to engage in the sort of production that brings jobs, tax bases,true security and prosperity. All the while the disconnect would seem to grow unabated with regard to the fiscal dangers associated with wild spending, budget deficits, waste, political correctness, moral erosion and its vast costs. It would probably make his head spin to see how the definition of a collaborator has gone from a human worm to someone who just selflessly works to make a better and more fair and equitable world. This could well fit within what the GOP has become; RINOs or Reclining In Nasty Ooze AKA Republicans In Name Only. Here’s hoping that the electorate will awaken in time for the concerned upcoming elections. It will have a dramatic impact on how things look in twenty years, of that Wink and eye can assure you. Finnious #

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